Thursday, 27 March 2008

9th despite a bleeding arse!!

lost with AA AA QQ QQ all in pre, each time with the best hand
lost with AA vs KJ on K10xxJ,
lost with AA vs 106 on K106
lost with QQ vs AK on 889xA
lost with QQ vs A7 on xxxx4th club river he had Ac
eventual hand i knew it was cuming, wuda only put me to 4th in chips but i had over 6k and he bet to 1200, i was to over 6k and him being large stack obv calls and i knew J ws cuming cos the river fukin hates me.
9th for $22 in $10 HH. cud feel a win cuming but the site was against me since i kept teling it t go fuk itself with the rivers every time.
prob last time i get t play a decent torn till i go away so a pretty shitty ending to my poker year for 3 months, hoping to find a casino out there n go with sum mates which il hopefully bump in2.
gl t all x

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

could feel it coming...

Had come so close on 2 occasions in the last week. played the lunch time thunder yesterday for £2.25 about 195 started in a sixpac n i came 8th for only £8ish with winner getting £120. i shove K5 suited SB and bb wakes with 77, flop J1010 and turn A gave me plenty of hope for river but it never came. was only in it 50 minutes so wasnt that pist.
on the other hand i was pist with the previous £10 bounty. i came 11th for like £20 including heads when busted with QQ vs 77 to put me in 2nd chips going into FT.
so i was getting pretty close n sensed it would come. last nite came home after work and went in for $5 bounty, did nothing in that as was complete card dead so went in for £10 bounty which i enjoy and managed to ship 1st for total of £186.09. played a solid torn and had 2 crucial hands hold up, 3 handed 55 vs KJ and HU JJ vs 910h on 9c7h5h flop.
bit of a shit post considering it was a win but cant really b arsed rite now so may edit it later, neway lets hope the wins keep coming, only got 2 weeks left before i leave so every pound is welcomed.
so thats my 3rd willhill win, along with 3/4 2nds so its going pretty gud.
total profit so far from willhill is around £370 mark
gl to all

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

so close again...

went t casino on monday night, only 41 runners and felt the field was pretty soft. 5 of us went and 3 reached the FT, more importantly 2 made the top 3, unfortunately 1 of them wasnt me.
started off decent playing afew hands and taking down afew pots, ended at the break with 15k (starting 10k). was loving my table, we had the most banter and every1 ws really friendly. just after the break i gotmoved tables and started in the BB. was sure this was a sign of things to come.....and it was. ended up hitting full house vs lower fullhouse which i played like heaven and doubled up. doubled up again with KK vs QQ and was up around 60k going into the final table. i lost a hand KJ vs A8 and plumetted to 30k before getting it back with 88 i think?
anyway to cut a long nite short, i ended up busto to jon hes, me SB him BB no limpers n i get KJ. id normally raise here but cs it ws a mate i limped n saw a flop. it came K93, i check raised n he put me all in for my last few, he flops 93 n i go out in 6th for £15. ws sure id make top 4 min cs even FT was soft as dog shit.
played the $5 head hunter again l.nite and despite getting down to 900 with blinds 300/600 and 20 left i still managed to come 2nd for $119 total limp/shipping with 55 vs AK and losing. win that n i wuda had 95% of chips so all or nothing really.
still waiting for my first win in March but pretty sure it wont be to long. as long as the results keep coming im happy.
ship ship

Sunday, 9 March 2008

willhill the fuckin conning bastard

played a couple of torns again 2nite wen i gt home 4rm work. played $5 thunder and came nowhere, shit structure rly. played the SCALP collecters where theres no prize pool and all the money goes on ur head. managed to take 4 heads and took $14.84 from $4 buyin. only played these 2 cos i like sumit t do while playing my fav game atm......
also played the $5 head hunter. came 2nd l.nite n thort id give it another pop.
big double up mid way limp KJ and called guy nxt to me all in since he was shiping almost every hand and shown 85 etc, he flops 84 or sumit n i won with pair J. another good double up with 99 vs 33 after betting pre and check/call all in 944 flop. reached FT 2nd in chips and looking for another gud finish this time round.
but no, fuk my life!!!!!
i get QJ on button no limpers, i bet 3x bb calls flop is J high 3 clubs i have Q clubs. he bet i raise all in he calls with J9, turn blank river 9 diamonds! wtf is this site!!!!
afew hands later utg i get 99 i go all in for 13k blinds 1600 button raise all in bb also all in. flop 224 turn A river 5. 1 guy has Ak other has 55.
if id knokt that other guy out id av got his $15 head plus 1/3 of chips on table with 7 left. fuk sake. as it is i go out in 7th with $29.19 altogether. y do i run so sick wen it matters so much!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

so close

after leaving £55 in my account after withdrawing £70 i managed to donk it all off, mostly playing stupid torns which i cdnt afford like $5k gtd for $27. and basically tilted off the rest in true willhill style so reloaded another £10
had a result tonight in the $5.50 head hunter.
i thort i ws gna crash n burn in 15th at 1 point when 4 no reason a guy bets half his stack (6k) with J9 in mid pos. i raise all in for 14k with QQ, he calls n flop J9x. down to 1.2k. i tripled up next hand A9 suited vs A7 vs KK and afew hands later doubled up vs J9 dude with AQ vs A3 all in pre on J973Q. wda bin fuming if hadnt hit.
down to final table i played fairly solid and with 5 left AA doubled up on button vs A5 and went in2 chip lead. HU i ws 3:2 dog but managed to get it to 4:1 with 400k to his 100kish with blinds 12/24k. he kept betting and showing AK/77/JJ/Aq meanwhile i was getting shit shit shit shit.
he pulled it bk to 1:1 with 73 vs my A4 and he went on to take it beating my A10 with KQ all in pre, hit Q.
i still managed to take 6 heads and 2nd prize for a total of $159.06 so around $150 profit. not a bad nites work.
been playing heaven live lately too. played last friday at a friends, just 6 of us n came 1st for £20 and came 1st/11 in TPT with sharks such as leknave and horneris for £25.
enjoying it for now, only 4 weeks before i leave for aus aswell so all the money i can get helps

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

so fukin sick

me n jones run so bad. he tells me how he hates his life with all these sick beats n i get 1 of my own in a crucial stage.
reach final table in $11 speed 340 enter blinds huge bt im not doin bad consider sum pple on table. i get AQ suited bb folded round t SB who bets min. i ship for another 2x bb 1/3 of his stack he dwells n calls with A3, flop comes A56 i feel good then a sickening 3 turns. im sure il make up on river but a blank 8 n im out for $79 1st over $1k. that pot wuda put me 3rd
i nly decided t play it cs i like 2 torns at once n entered the willhill £7.50 1k super series. shortly after that hand i limp A8 flop A97 n sum guy who i noticed is a donk ships for basically my stack even tho he is 15th in chips outa 94. i linger n wud fold t most but call n he flips A2 n i hold up. i dont mind u party as long as i ship on willhill.....

Monday, 25 February 2008

2nd willhill win, close to 3rd

not many torns on this morn at around 11 that i fancied so tried my hand at head hunter HU torn 64 entries. managed to ship for around £18 total from another £2 buying. nowt much to report really, it ran quite smooth and i just played gud. starting to get the hang of this winning lark tbf.
in another 2 as we speak 1 £2 with 75 runners, 20 left, and a $5 with 19 left. top 10 and top 5 cash respectively. lets see what i can do.

i was looking pretty in both with 12 left when the site crashes. then it came bk i donk off half my chips with big blind levels a guy calling my bets with K high all way, then push when folded round t me on button for 3k blinds 600 n run into AK bb. flop Q10x but no help turn or river. felt win no3 cuming aswel, so sick.
3 left and SB bets min, i ship with A8 n he calls with J8, his FD fails n its HU.
1 crucial hand rly HU h have J10 chekc all way KK8 flop x turn 10 river he min bet i raise he min raise i call he has K8.
final hand he has FD on flop he bets i call with 68 hopin t play on turn he bets again i ship n he finds a call for 15k n its all over, he wins final hand with 10 high in end. bit gutted but a 2nd from wot i went thru aint 2 bad. sleep time neway

was doin alrite on $5 FT, down to 7 n after doubling up 1010 vs 77 so around average stack. get AQ utg pop to 1500 blinds 600 next calls shorty pushes for 3 total both call flop J10x i chek he min i call t c, turn J he bets again n i fold. they both have A10!! y not 1 time fuk me lol. so im down to around 4k n manage t steel sum blinds t keep my head above water.
i then find AQ in bb, see MP pause then flat call, but decide t push neway. he insta calls n i think i knew it. he flips kk n i spike A on flop to go 3rd in ships. nly top 2 r safe tho with rest of us betweek 9-4k
6 left on bubble n big stack SB puts bb all in with KQ vs J8, J on flop with FD luks set t double up and when hits flush on turn, nly the 4th spade knoks him out n down t 5 n in the money.
1 more out getting called and runner runner flush n theres 4 left. i work my way to 2nd with 15k and play AA well vs big stack t get up2 22k, big stack on 29 and other 2 around 10k mark. with blinds at 1200 i feel in with a chance.
button push A2 runs in2 my AK and i take chip lead. limp with 910 suited flop A97 guy check i bet he call turn x he ships i call he flips J8 n cue the 10 river
i get down to 3rd nly just but then b4 break limp J6 SB and play 2 pair t perfection and back up2 joint chip lead. heads blagging and im nackerd but desperate 4 2 wins in a day 1st time, n my 3rd win in a week.